About Me


My name is Amra Bilic Hamzic. I was born in the mid sixties and brought up with the idea of unity and love.

 Life is a dream in which all participate equally trying to find themselves in many opportunities that we see or we are simply missing out. My dream came to life in Sarajevo, where I grew up and went to school. In 1994, in a middle of the war along with my husband I decided to leave my beloved city.Sarajevo will always be a part of me.

In summer of 1995 we moved to Seattle, WA. Safe and melodic life started spinning in circles until 2000 when my dream continues to live again - along with it, a beautiful face of the new being - our daughter arrival embellish our lives.

My love for writing, poetry and painting opened the doors for other possibilities. I wanted to share my gift with the others and teach them the importance of love.

 Modern art is like a new alphabet, it simply gives me a possibility to resonate my voice and personality. Purity and simplicity emerges from each of my paintings and carries the message of peace. Importance of family was in any sense guidance to our life and a true instinct for what more or less we all desire.

Painting has always been something that relaxes me. Love for my family and the painting are reason for my existence.I hope that people will realize the simplicity of my message and enjoy the little things, that makes our life complete. The beauty of things around me raises the positive energy that I am trying to convey to all my canvases. Painting is my love, my voice, my communications with the world. Language of the arts is immense and limitless. My paintings are the testimony of love.

 In my new collection - Life 2010 – I tried to awake the warm emotions, positive energy and peace. I’m driven by the desire that my art will always generate very positive energy. The idea I wanted to share with the world is peace, love and harmony.

We may share this planet, so why do not just do better and wake up the entire positive we carry ourselves, make this planet better place for all of us. We all have a one life, so let’s live, love and share.